Annual General Meeting 2013

The Screenwriters Association's AGM was held on Sat 5th January at the Arts House. Apart from the review of the year's events and the update on the association's accounts, the AGM also witnessed the formation of the Writers Charter. Here's the contents of the Writers Charter. Or you may download the PDF of it here.

We, the undersigned members of the Screenwriters Association (Singapore), on this day of _______________, hereby agree to the following professional code of ethics:

1. Pursue creative excellence in a way that is ethical, competent and responsible, and conduct myself in a manner that is a credit to the writing profession. That includes treating my work with value and dignity.

2. As such, I will not write free concept papers, treatments, character bibles or scripts (with the exception of spec scripts). Neither will I intentionally quote or charge below market rates. In the event that I do free work for a charity, I will receive payment for the project and donate back that amount, as validation of the value of my work.

__________________________ Signature and Name (above) IC Number:

"The Screenwriters Association's Writers Charter highlights the importance of acknowledging and valuing the writer's work and contributions. I believe the same applies to all artists. Many of us work very hard to achieve the high standards expected of us, and just because we are passionate about and love what we do, does not assume we should be doing it for free. There's a reason why we call it art 'work'. If you believe the same, please sign the Writers Charter." Janice Koh, Arts NMP

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