Dialogue Session with CEO of MDA - February 20, 2014

A dialogue session with the CEO of MDA was held at MDA's premises on February 20, 2014. Representing the Association were:

  • Ng Swee San, President
  • Olivia Loh-Ing, Vice President
  • Marcia Vanderstraaten, Secretary
  • Jaclyn Chan (Head-writer for The Kitchen Musical)
  • Noel Rodrigues (Director jooja! Advertising)
  • Lee Chee Tian (Co-writer for Taxi, Taxi)
  • Lee Thean Jeen (EP, Director and Head Writer for Code Of Law, Zero Calling, Homecoming)
  • Justin Deimen (Producer and Writer for Singapore-Cambodian movie 3.50)
  • Yeo Han Hwee (Freelance Writer who has done several shows for CNA)