Dialogue Session with CEO of MDA - February 20, 2014

A dialogue session with the CEO of MDA was held at MDA's premises on February 20, 2014. Representing the Association were:

  • Ng Swee San, President
  • Olivia Loh-Ing, Vice President
  • Marcia Vanderstraaten, Secretary
  • Jaclyn Chan (Head-writer for The Kitchen Musical)
  • Noel Rodrigues (Director jooja! Advertising)
  • Lee Chee Tian (Co-writer for Taxi, Taxi)
  • Lee Thean Jeen (EP, Director and Head Writer for Code Of Law, Zero Calling, Homecoming)
  • Justin Deimen (Producer and Writer for Singapore-Cambodian movie 3.50)
  • Yeo Han Hwee (Freelance Writer who has done several shows for CNA)
Ligiah Villalobos appointed Advisor to SAS - January 4, 2014

Ligiah Villalobos (Writer/Producer/Director/Voice Talent) has kindly consented to be Advisor to the Screenwriters Association (Singapore). Ligiah wrote and produced Under the Same Moon, an official selection at Sundance 2007. To date, it is the highest sale for a Spanish-language film in the history of Sundance. Made for under US$2 million, the film has earned over US$23 million worldwide.

Ligiah’s telemovie script “Firefly” was recently awarded a Humanitas Prize. In 2008, she was honored with the Norman Lear Writers Award at the ImagenAwards. She has also written for numerous Children’s TV Series, including Go, Diego! Go.

She also oversaw Walt Disney’s prestigious Writers Fellowship Program and Director’s Training Program. She serves on the Board of The Writers Guild Foundation.

As Advisor, Ligiah will help us to strategise on branding and developing international networks.