Q: How can I join the Screenwriters Association?

A: Take a look at this page here about membership, and enter your details in the membership form. Note the membership criteria of at least one produced screenplay or equivalent.


Q: I don’t meet the criteria but I’d still like to join – can you help me?

A: If you’re interested to learn about screenwriting, then take a look at joining a screenwriting class. These are a great way to meet people to work with on film and TV projects, as well as learning about screenwriting itself.  Alternatively, you can also become a Friend of the Association.


Q: I’m not a screenwriter myself but I’d really like to see more great screenwriting in Singapore - how can I help the Association?

A: Become a Friend of the Association. We have a number of Friends such as producers or film studies teachers, who want to work alongside experienced professional writers and support the Association.


Q: How can I get the latest news about screenwriting?

A: We share all the latest news and announcements on our Facebook page, including everything from the latest articles to events running here in Singapore


Q: I’ve got a great story idea – how can I make it into a movie?

A: Great! Next you need to turn it into a screenplay.  You can pay a professional screenwriter to help you – we can introduce you to a member of the Screenwriters Association who can do this – or you can attend screenwriting classes and start writing it yourself.


Q: How much does it cost to get someone to turn my idea into a screenplay?

A: We can provide suggested rates for screenwriters. Remember screenwriting is a career just like any other, and we need to pay the bills too!


Q: Do you run screenwriting classes?

A: We occasionally run workshops and masterclasses, but we also recommend the public classes at either Singapore Media Academy or Objectifs, or other locations.